Pozzuoli has a history going back over 2000 years when it was the favourite choice of the Roman patricians coming here to take advantage of the thermal waters.

It is home to the 3rd largest Roman amphitheatre and the Cathedral incorporates a Roman temple.

There are more ruins ''scattered'' around and it's also possible to enjoy archaeological diving/snorkelling in the underwater archaeological park of Baiae.

Not only historic heritage but also geology, Pozzuoli is sitting on a super volcano known as Campi Flegrei and it's possible to see mud bubbling in one of its craters La Solfatara.

Among the ruins, you'll also find fully equipped beach lidos and thermal parks to help you relax in between your sightseeing.

Naples' historic centre is just a 20-minute ride on the metro train while the island of Ischia is just across the bay.

  • Villa Avellino

    Villa Avellino, Pozzuoli Opened in 2015, Villa Avellino Historic Residence is a renovated 16th-centruy building, boasting luxurious modern fittings while keeping the charming, antique air of the prem ...

    Villa Avellino

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