Food festivals of the Cilento Park

Are you a food junkie? You are not alone!

Combine your passion for only the finest with one of these festivals taking place in the Cilento National Park. Recognised by the UNESCO as the birthplace of the Mediterranean diet, these might turn out an excellent opportunity to learn about the secrets to a healthy and long life.

27/04 to 01/05 - Festa del Carciofo Bianco - Auletta

Auletta goes a little artichoke crazy once a year to celebrate a successful harvest, and they’ve got lots of related activities planned to entertain the masses. Expect to find cooking shows, a street parade, food stalls, cooking competitions and wine pairing with professional sommeliers (

Festa del Carciofo Bianco - Auletta

14-16/06 - Festa del Pescato - Castellabate

This 11-year-old festival celebrates Cilento's link to the sea and the fishing communities of the local area. Fish and seafood is prepared, cooked and eaten around the harbour and there’s a packed timetable of entertainment over the course of the 3 days.

Among the many delicacies to try, one must not miss '' la Paranza Fritta'' (frying of small fish) and the pasta with beans and mussels (

01-03/06 - Festa del Pescato - Castellabate

3rd weekend of July - Sagra dei Ruospi con le alici di Menaica - Pisciotta

It may be small but this Anchovie Festival does exactly what it says on the tin. The people of Pisciotta pay tribute to their anchovies that have made this seaside town so famous, and they also throw in some live folk music, wine tasting, arts and crafts for good measure.

17-23/08 - Ciccimaretati, la Sagra dei Piatti Poveri - Stio

Ciccimaretati, literally translating as ''married beans'', is a festival promoting the poor dishes of the Cilento (soups of legumes and cereals, traditional sweets and more) in an evocative and beautiful medieval hamlet. The surrounding nature contributes to make it one of the most beautiful and awaited summer events of the Cilento (

17-23/08 - Ciccimaretati, la Sagra dei Piatti Poveri