Glass act: 3 cool aperitivo bars in Rome

1) The  great late one


This spot in Trastevere (across the river from Testaccio) is well worth the trip fro its natural wines and shelves loaded with Italian liqueurs you'be never heard of. Come for apertivo, stay for prosecco cocktails 9and bruschette), never leave.
Via Fratelli Bonnet 5. Cocktails about 7 euro

2) The spectacular-view one

American Bar Hotel Forum

Noth all hotel bars with touristy sounding names are created equal. This one, on teh roof of the Hotel Forum in Monti, has the most delectable views over the imperial Forum. At sunset, watch teh sky turn teh same colour as your Campari. Cocktails about 15 euro.

3) The lovely local one

Enoteca il Goccetto

Fifteen minutes' walk from the Pantheon, this wine bar is so Roman, the sign at the front just says Vino and Olio (wien and oil). It's cosy, spectacularly Roman drinking den., so amle it your go-to place and work your way throughthe chalkboard wine list.
Via dei Banchi Vecchi 12; wien by the glass about 5 euro