Five Reasons Pisciotta is the ideal place for your “slow” holiday

If you’re looking to take a “slow holiday”, unwind and take a break from the troubles of everyday life whilst enjoying fine food and coastal views, then Pisciotta, in the Italian region of Campania, is the ideal village for you to visit. 

And here’s why:

1. It’s situated at the heart of Cilento National Park

So you may be looking for a do-nothing “slow holiday”, but in-between your luxurious lunches in Pisciotta’s tasty trattorias and days reclining on the beach, you may want to take some time to explore the surrounding area. After all you will be right in the middle of Cilento, an area of stunning natural beauty and also important historical significance. 

From exploring the ruins of the Ancient Greek temples at Paestum to going swimming in the cool waters of the beach at nearby Palinuro, there are endless things to do in this National Park, safe in the knowledge you can return to tranquil Pisciotta afterwards to unwind with a glass of vino.


2. It’s boasts a stunning view over the Tyrrhenian Sea

Situated on a hill covered with fragrant olive trees (which produce the main ingredient for the high-quality local oil) Pisciotta offers you stunning, panoramic views over the azure waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Imagine waking up every morning and looking out to that endless stretch of blue… it’s enough to tempt you to head down to the sea and take a dip yourself!

Pisciotta, view from the Hotel Marulivo

3. It’s packed with art and history

Hypothesis has it that the original settlement of Pisciotta owes its roots to survivors of the Trojan War who docked at the Ionian shore and founded the city of Siri, so it’s an ideal place to visit for lovers of Greek literature who want to stay in a village steeped in myth and legend. Or, if you’re more interested in artistic treasures, Pisciotta boasts some spectacular masterpieces in its historic churches. Why not head to the Church of St. Peter and Paul, which preserves precious artworks and is particularly proud of its portrait of St. Francis, which was saved from a fire when the convent was set alight by Turkish invaders in 1640.


4. It gives you a quiet taste of authentic Italy

While Pisciotta is an idyllic oasis where you can escape your everyday life, it is first and foremost a fishing village, which will give you an insight into authentic Italy, and the lives of the locals who live and work in the area. Wander down to the Marina di Pisciotta, the quaint fishing port dappled with fisherman’s cottages and restaurants to learn about the local business, particular the form of anchovy fishing that is peculiar to village and utilises “menaica” nets which trap larger fish and let the smaller ones swim free.

Pisciotta Anchovies

5. There’s delicious local food to try

Been wondering what happens to all that fish? Find out at one of Pisciotta’s exquisite restaurants! If you fancy eating somewhere with an interesting backstory, head to Angiolina, which was originally set up as a railway worker’s canteen back in 1958, but now serves up a chic seafood menu, where the local anchovies are the stars of the show.

Pisciotta, Ristorante Angiolina