Rossano - The town of the Codex, liquorice, marble and alabaster

Whether you’re just stopping over for a few days as you explore southern Italy, or you want an interesting destination to team up with a visit to the chic coastal town of Tropea, Rossano is the place for you!

Situated between the plain of Sibari and the mountains of Sila, the town is not only a picturesque collage of sandy coloured abodes, surrounded by renowned marble and alabaster quarries, it is also famous for its tantalising liquorice factory and it’s renowned, preserved 6 th Century gospels (not to mention being the birth place of two popes). Find out more about these fascinating sights below – we’re sure they’ll tempt you to book a trip to Rossano in no time!

The renowned Codex purpureus Rossanensis

Also known as the Rossano Gospels, the Codex purpureus Rossanensis is a UNESCO certified “memory of the world”, and therefore definitely something to feast your eyes on at the diocesan museum in Rossano. These illuminated manuscripts were produced following the Byzantine Empire’s reconquering of the Italian peninsula, and they are known for the reddish, purple appearance of their pages. 

Inscribed with delicate silver ink, the manuscripts narrate the stories of the Gospel of Matthew and the majority of the Gospel of Mark, and they are some of the oldest surviving illuminated examples of the New Testament in the world!
Rossano Gospels

Amarelli's liquorice museum and factory

Got a sweet tooth? Then Amarelli’s liquorice museum and factory is the first place you should head when you arrive in Rossano. With liquorice production being in the Amarelli family since the 16th Century, it’s safe to say that they know a thing or two about the confection, and you will too after you’ve the factory’s accompanying museum! Located in a historic building, which is surrounded by citrus trees and has been owned by the Amarelli family since the late 15 th Century, here you will cast your eyes on a range of artefacts from engravings to documents, books to vintage phots, and even agricultural tools and ancient clothes, all of which will give you a unique insight into how the company has become what it is today! You will also get the chance to observe some of the liquorice process in action, as the sweet, fragrant smell of the confection permeates the air. And of course, what better way to finish off than by buying some of the tasty treats to take home with you? Especially when they come in such charming little decorated tins…
Amarelli Liquorice

Rossano Cathedral

What with two popes being born in the town (as well as St Nilus the Younger), it seems only fitting that Rossano should have a pretty impressive place of worship. Cue Rossano Cathedral, which dates back to the 11 th Century! This is where the Rossano Gospels were found before they were moved to the Diocesan Musuem, and also the previous home of the famous ancient image of the Madonna acheropita (Madonna not made by hands) before it too was passed on to the Diocesan Museum. No wonder Rossano has produced so many men of the cloth when is possesses such a rich religious history!

Rossano Cathedral


Sea Promenade of Rossano