Italy's best beach hotels

ExpertoItaly in the news again! Top beach hotels in the Med.

The Times newspaper named two of our hotels, the Hotel Santa Venere in Maratea and the Paradise Resort in Sardinia, amongst their top 30 beach hotels in the Med today.

With a path through a pine-scented forest down to a private beach equipped with sun beds, parasols, towels and canoes, the Hotel Santa Venere offers 5-star seaside indulgence. There are two great restaurants, a sea-water pool and a pampering spa but the lack of crowds and miles of undiscovered Basilicata coastline will prove equally appealing.

In Sardinia, the beaches around San Teodoro are amongst the island’s best. One of the attractions of the Paradise Resort is its beachfront location alongside Lu Impostu beach, a stretch of white sand fringed by clear turquoise sea against the magnificent backdrop of the Punta di l’Aldia headland. Other top beaches nearby include the 3km long La Cinta Beach, Cala d’Ambra and Cala Brandinchi, known locally as ‘little Tahiti’.

Read the full Times article here.

The Times 30 Best Beach Hotels1

Hotel Santa Venere beach

Beach at Hotel Santa Venere

Lu Impostu beach Sardinia ExpertoItaly 2

Lu Impostu beach, San Teodoro