Should you book your 2016 holiday now?

Some things never change: you’ve barely dusted the sand from your flip flops, and finished moisturising your dehydrated skin and suddenly the press is full of advice on booking your 2016 holiday. So is there really any merit in booking the following summer’s holiday as early as the previous September?

Location location location
If you’re heading for the Amalfi Coast, there’s no question, this is the time to book. This is particularly so if you plan to stay in a small boutique hotel, away from the busier resorts. Hotels such as the very gorgeous Villa dei D’Armiento and La Minervetta have generally sold around 50% of their May to July capacity by the previous August.

It can also be a race to a room in several of the most popular hotels in Taormina such as the Hotel Villa Carlotta.

Villa dei DArmiento lounge

Villa dei D'Armiento, Amalfi Coast

Family matters
For anyone tied to school holidays, the simple answer is that the sooner you book, the better, and particularly if you’re planning to travel in August when most Italians also head for the coast for Ferragosto. Regions such as the Cilento and Basilicata are a popular option with Italian families and hotels get snapped up fast.

Basilicata coastline

Basilicata coastline

Flight frenzy
Whilst some flights are already on sale, the release of Easyjet’s summer holiday flight schedule in October generally triggers an increase in villa holiday bookings made by UK holidaymakers. The most popular villas on the Amalfi Coast, such as Villa Emi or Villa Mira disappear in the blink of any eye so if a villa holiday without a pool and sea view are unthinkable, don’t hang around.

Calendar hotspots
Thinking of an Easter short break? The chances are you won’t be the only one that’s thought of a long weekend on Lake Como. Book early and you’ll get the pick of the bunch such as the superbly-located Albergo Milano on Lake Como.

Lake Como

Lake Como in Springtime

For families, Whitsun week provides the perfect opportunity to sneak in an extra week in the sun. Head for San Teodoro in Sardinia where there is a different powder-soft sand beach and new glittering turquoise bay for every day of your holiday.