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Day trips from Naples

19 September 2014

One of the great things about staying in Naples is the easy access to neighbouring towns and places of interest. All of these recommended day trip are on the Bay of Naples and can be reached by train, ferry or hydrofoil from Naples.


Pompeii & Herculaneum are two Roman cities that were fully buried and eventually forgotten after eruptions of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

Both cities were accidently re-discovered in the 18th century – and you can now visit these two amazing almost full-fledged ancient Roman cities and get a glimpse of how inhabitants used to live…

The Circumvesuviana metro trains depart from Napoli Centrale to Pomepii and Herculaneum, the journey is about 40 minutes




Baia underwater archeological park boasts ruins of an entire Roman city, lying underwater in the Bay of Naples and famous for being the preferred coastal resort of Emperors, including Caesar, Nero and Hadrian.

Snorkel, dive or go on a glass-boat tour to visit its port, villas and marble statues along with wildlife and underwater smoking fumaroles.

Take the Cumana metro trains from Montesanto to Baia


(photo by www.centrosubcampiflegrei.it)



Phlegraean Fields – the Burning Fields in Greek - is a fascinating 8 miles wide caldera, mostly underwater, with a series of extinct volcanoes, craters, hot springs and other volcanic formations.

Worth seeing are the gas emissions of the Solfatara crater – the mythical home of Vulcan, the Roman God of Fire - and the crater-lake Lake Avernus - the mythical entrance to Hades.

Take the Cumana metro trains from Montesanto to Pozzuoli




Vesuvius is a 4,202 ft high active volcano, although it is not currently erupting, it remains the most populated volcanic region in the world.

The only activity that can be seen nowadays is steam from the crater. A network of paths lead up to the summit and the whole area has been designated as a national park.

Contact www.busviadelvesuvio.com, they have 4x4 buses departing from the Circumvesuviana train station of Pompeii. 

The excursions costs 20 euro per person and include the visit of the crater.




Ischia is a volcanic island of about 47 sq km and a population of 55,000.

The island is sought-after for its many natural hot springs and spa complexes, in addition to its sandy beaches and sea.Some fumaroles can be seen as well: the volcanic activity of the island today.

It is a popular spa/beach destination for Italians and foreigners alike.




Capri – the legendary island of artists, celebrities and royalty, the acme of scenic beauty, the home of mythical Sirens and the holiday destination of Emperors...

Visit its exclusive boutiques, the famous Piazzetta where the world’s elite meet to drink and shop, the dazzling views from the top of Monte Solaro, the ruins of Roman imperial villas and the Blue Grotto…




Procida is the smallest island of the bay of Naples.The island is just like a painting with its green, red and blue houses crammed up against each other, the purple, orange and yellow fishing boats circling around and the reflection of all colours on the sea. Simply spectacular.The island is also famous for its fortified medieval village and its Good Friday procession.




Caserta's Royal Palace is the formal royal residence of the Bourbon Kings of Naples and the largest palace in 18th century Europe.

It is an impressive Baroque monument, known as the Versailles of Italy. Its gardens cover 120 hectares with fountains, cascades and statues.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and parts of it featured in Star Wars and Mission Impossible III.Train to Caserta depart from Napoli Centrale, the journey lasts about 20 minutes with trains every hour.



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