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Top 5 day trips from Rome

21 July 2014

A life time is not enough to experience Rome so if you are staying longer than a few days, these are our suggestions to escape the city's summer heat.


Cascate del Monte Gelato are located within the Treja Valley Suburban Park, about 40 km north of Rome. It is a wonderful nature reserve where you can hike along small waterfalls, picturesque ponds, dense vegetation and a hidden wild fauna. There are also great activities for children (www.trejaadventure.it)

waterfalls monte gelato


Calcata, located within the Treja valley as well, is a breathtaking medieval village perched on a hill. It is now home to a community of hippies and artists who populated the village in the 1960s, looking for beauty and inspiration. Stoned houses, heavenly corners and a friendly atmosphere govern this magical place.



Frascati is reachable in a 30-minute train ride from Rome. This is a historic hill town known for its elite villas built from the 16th century onwards by Popes, cardinals and Roman nobles for social purposes. It is also famous for its white wine, Frascati. Nearby is Castel Gandolfo, a small town housing the Pope’s summer residence. It is interesting to visit it to see the Roman town life – slower and more relaxed than the city’s.



Ostia Antica, reachable by metro in 30 minutes, it is the harbour city of ancient Rome. Now a maze of well-preserved ruins, you could spend days in there discovering hidden spots, ancient mosaics and really see how a Roman city actually looked.

Ostia antica


Tivoli is an ancient Italian town 30 km away from Rome. Nearby you will find the Roman ruins of Hadrian’s villa, dating back to the 2nd century AD and the Renaissance Villa d’Este with its splendid fountains, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Tivoli is a hour by bus from central Rome.

Vila d'Este Tivoli


Viterbo, once the residence of Popes when their authority in Rome was shaken, is one of the best preserved medieval towns of central Italy. many of its imposing buildings are spolia from Roman ruins recognizable by their large stones.  Visit the Palazzo dei Papi and if you are here between July and August reserve your seat for the Tuscia Opera Festival (www.tusciaoperafestival.com). Another unique curiosity nearby are the Giardini di Bo Marzo, a 16th century garden extravaganza adorned with statue of monsters.



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