Palermo Italian Capital of Culture 2018


This year a long wave of rediscovering Palermo's cultural heritage is starting to shape the many initiatives planned for the Italian Capital of Culture 2018.
For example, the Venetian firm Valorizzazioni Culturali, specialising in the management of Italian historic buildings, will reopen 180 Palermitan buildings between historic, abandoned and privately-owned.

Workshops, installations and conferences will take place in magnificent palazzos such as Palazzo Alliata di Villafranca, Villa Bordonaro ai Colli, Palazzo Francavilla and Villa Chiaramonte alle Croci.

The first four of these cultural events have already been confirmed; "Migrazioni Gemelle", an art journey that will focus on cultural twinnings between the city of Palermo and other cities in the world; ''Cassata Drone Pavilion" is held from June to September 2018 in a private apartment on Via Malta 21 at the Kalsa, it proposes artwork based on traditions by Raqs Media Collective, Maria D Rapicavoli and Stefano Cagol, the Cassata is a Sicilian dessert and the presence of military forces in Sicily is represented by the drone; the "Not Found Week", with an itinerant exhibition and cultural activities on the theme of identity; and "Outskirt of an Urban Blue Print" is an exhibition from a collective of artists, designers and architects who will be in Palermo next summer and will showcase new ideas and projects to enhance the historical and social stratification of the city.

By June 2018, the list of sites will grow and in addition to historic homes, it will include gardens, monuments and sites located in the suburbs and many other areas.

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