Best picnic spots on the Amalfi Coast

Looking for a bonding, family picnic on the Amalfi Coast? Or rather, a romantic picnic with your second half? Or just want to get away from the jams of the cities and enjoy an open-air meal in a beautiful spot of the coast?

With so much to offer, the Amalfi Coast has plenty of picnic options, from the most scenic to the most inspiring.

Here are our top picnic spots for a great day out on this exquisite coast:


Best for an urban picnic: Parco Virgiliano Naples

Naples’ Parco Virgiliano is a serene patch of greenery, ideal for a calm picnic and a breath of fresh air amidst the busy city. It is located on the Posillipo hill and built on the tuff stone typical of the area.

The park’s greatest asset lies in the expansive views its many terraces afford: the Bay of Naples, in all its splendour, is openly revealed.

You can detect all the big protagonists of the bay such as Mount Vesuvius, Sorrento or the curves of the Amalfi Coast, as well as smaller ones like the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida.

Pay a visit to the park’s amphitheatre, which hosts some events in the summer, and children can indulge in the park’s several playgrounds too.

Where to buy the food hamper:

For savoury, Gastronomia Arfe in the Chiaia quarter of Naples has a wide selection of high-quality meats, cheeses, pies and other local specialities. Its dedication to offering only the finest produce of the Campania region is as strong today as it was when it opened in 1870.

For sweets, Augustus, on Via Toledo, will spoil you for choice with its array of fresh Neapolitan pastry, some very traditional and others with a touch of modernity.


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Positano: a picnic in the skies along the Path of the Gods

The Path of the Gods, between Amalfi and Positano, doesn’t hold this name by sheer coincidence. Its undisturbed beauty, dramatic sceneries from the highs of the mountains, and luxuriant Mediterranean flora that decorates it make it all seem so surreal.

We recommend you walk from Bomerano (in Agerola) to Nocelle (in Positano) for maximum effect: the route goes slightly downhill, allowing you to smoothly take in the bird’s eye views of the Amalfi Coast, Capri and the blue shades of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Set up your picnic site anywhere along the path and admire the stunning panoramas in more tranquillity. Get to Agerola with a Sita bus from Amalfi, stop at Bomerano and follow the signs to reach the trail.

Where to buy the food hamper:

Delicatessen is a small, family-run deli in Positano with a variety of freshly-prepared, mouth-watering paninis.

You can create your own by choosing from numerous eye-catching, local delicacies such as salami, mozzarella cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, grilled Mediterranean vegetables and more. The paninis are very generous in size and for less than 6 euros a sandwich, they are great value for money.



Picnic among Greek temples at Paestum

For a great family day out, picnic amongst the majestic Greek temples of Paestum, more than 2000 years-old, which earthquakes could not shatter thanks to the great ingenuity of their engineers.

The temples, still rather unknown, are amongst the best-preserved in the Mediterranean. Visit the museum to learn more about the history of the area, and discover how our ancestors were smart enough to build incredibly solid structures, standing to this day.

A small 8th-century church, that used to be an ancient temple, can also be visited. The site is conveniently crowd-free, hence finding a good picnic spot will be as easy as pie.

Where to buy the food hamper:

Tenuta Vannullo is an organic buffalo farm in Paestum, producing one of the best, if not the best buffalo mozzarella in Italy.

The mozzarella is made from the precious milk of the water buffalo, an animal that can only be found in certain areas of Italy. Whilst some farmers will mix cow and buffalo milk in their mozzarellas, Tenuta Vannullo uses 100% buffalo milk, 100% organic.

Don’t forget that the Campania region, of which Paestum is part, is the birthplace of the buffalo mozzarella, hence there is no better place to try its authentic taste than right here.

The farm offers additional dairy specialities including ricotta cheese and ice cream, all made out of buffalo milk.


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A hot food picnic by the beach in Ischia

Sant'Angelo is the most delightful town on the volcanic island of Ischia, and its beach, Le Fumarole, is a little wonderland of smoking fumaroles, hot sands, bubbly thermal waters, volcanic muds and relaxation paradise.

The beach lies on a volcanic basin, which fumes out hot vapours that, in turn, heats up the sands - and this is how the beach got its name. This natural spa is not only great for wellness, hydrotherapy and a good mud bath but a bit of cooking too!

The sands are hot enough to act as an oven for whatever you wish to cook (feel free to be creative!). Wrap your picnic lunch in aluminium foil and bury it in the sand. Wait a few minutes and voilà!

The beach is at walking distance from the town centre, just follow the signs to the pedestrian path that takes you directly to it.

Where to buy the food hamper:

Sapori Antichi di Ischia, meaning the ‘old taste of Ischia’, is a gourmet deli more than a century old, offering a fine choice of traditional Ischian and regional delicacies.

You’ll find the great buffalo mozzarella amongst many other kinds of cheese, as well as a vast selection of cured meats including prosciutto, capicollo, guanciale and peperoncino salami.

Add to that some freshly-baked casareccio bread and a bottle of local Falanghina wine and you are all set.


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A family picnic for a full day of Roman and Greek myths: Lake Avernus, Pozzuoli

Lake Avernus is a fascinating place, ideal for a family picnic with some fun and a bit of learning.

The Lake is the mythological entrance to the underworld and the location of the famous Cumaean Sybil, who resided in a nearby cave.

The cave is part of a larger archaeological park, enclosing remains of temples from the ancient Greek settlement of Cumae, the very first settlement of Magna Graecia on mainland Italy.

A lovely picnic area in Giardino dell'Orco (, right by the lake, opens to everyone on Sundays. Entrance fees are at 7 euros per adult and 5 euros per children (up to 11-years-old) and include all the equipment you need like a BBQ, charcoal, plates, cutlery and even a fridge.

There is also a playground, as well as a didactic farm, where you and your children can learn more about the agricultural world. Reach the lake with the metro train ‘Cumana’ from Naples’ centre.

Where to buy the food hamper:

Antica Salumeria Pane & figli 1864 is a fabulous deli in the historic centre of Naples. It’s like Ali Baba’s Cave, with so many different great produce from meats to cheeses, veggies to wines and much more, stored up in this little magical place.

It’s places like these, established in Naples for so long, that explains Neapolitans’ great obsession with food. With such open access to a variety of tasty, fresh, good-quality products all year round, it’s hard not to be obsessed! Make your own concoction of delicious delicacies and head for Lake Avernus!


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